Questions About Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing trip to Spain Tarifa?

Wanting to go kitesurfing in Tarifa in August. Very hard to find accommodation for that month in Tarifa. Would it be ok to find a place in

  • Gibraltar
  • Malaga
  • Jerez

and just drive to Tarifa for kitesurfing?

I would appreciate some details on travel time and accomodations, thanks


August is always difficult.

The places you mention are far from Tarifa and I would not like to drive back there all stiff and tired after a heavy day’s surfing.

Try the Hotel Reina Christina in Algeciras. It often has rooms available in August. Haggle.

There are a number road-side hotels on the road to Chiclana / Cadiz which are not near the sea. E.g Tahivilla (ugh!) which is a collection of houses near a filling station in the middle of nowhere. But it has some rooms.

My tip would be go inland. Have a look at Google maps.

who does kitesurfing in Taiwan? I would like to know more about the sport?


Kitesurfing in Taiwan still need to popularize.

You can have a look in google to know kitesurfing in Taiwan.

Is it possible to get used to riding a kitesurf board opposite to my natural stance ?

I am about to get into Kitesurfing; my background is surfing and powerkiting. As a surfer, I know my natural stance is orthodox, and have never tried to surf goofy foot. What I do know is that when I’ve tried to skateboard goofy, its really really difficult, near on impossible. I’m concerned that I will have the same problem kitesurfing when I have to ride goofy. Is this something that one just gets used to ? Thanks


I snowboard and I’ve found you are so much better at it when you learn to do it both sides its definitly possible its just gonna take time and a few falls and your gonna feel sort of unsafe but you just have to forget all that and get out of your comfort zone best of luck

What kitesurf for a beginner?

What is a trainer kite? can i use it in actual kitesurfing or it is just for practice purposes only on the beach ?


Trainer kites are smaller ram air, or traction kites, used to get the basic feeling of turning a kite. They are less expensive than the actual larger kite you’ll be using in water. It’s cheaper to crash or damage a trainer kite than to learn with an inflatable which break very easy if they are pounded into the ground while learning. Also you can get a better idea for the sport before you spend a significant purchase buying you water gear. Don’t buy the cheapest trainer kite you can. It will break much quicker than a better one. There is a difference. That’s goes true when buying your water kites also. Slingshot make a very good trainer kite in a 2m and 3m. The 3m is a little more money but it’s more realistic as far a the pull and timing of the turning of the kite. It even has enough power you could use if on snow with snowboard for fun.

Once you own your trainer kite, you’ll always use it. You’ll never use it in the water, but you’ll show your friends how to do it(you don’t want to give them your big kite!!!) and you get get enough land practice, no matter how hood your are.

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