Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing in the World
Kitesurfing in the World

Kite surfing is a recreational sport that involves the use of power kite to pull the rider across water surface with the help of a kite board and other related equipment. There are many techniques which an experienced rider may perform like turning, controlled flying and jumping and board grabs. The experienced rider can also perform freestyle from his own creativity.

Kitesurfing becomes an exciting sport provided the rules and kite surfing equipments are taken care of.

Kitesurfing: the Kite and Kiteboard Sizes

Kite Surfing
Kite Surfing

Kite sizes depend on wind strength and the rider’s capability, his style, board size and more importantly rider’s weight. Weather conditions have a major impact on kitesurfing. Cross shore and cross on shore winds are very suitable for kite surfing. Any location with consistent and large water body is suitable for kite surfing.

Wake boards are used for kite surfing. The length of these wakeboards must be up to rider’s shoulder height. Based on wind volume, board size is obtained. In light wind, kites are difficult to manage and thus a large board is required.

Kite Equipment

Kitesurfing gear consists of certain equipments as:

  • power kite,
  • flying lines,
  • control bar,
  • kite harness,
  • kite board,
  • wet suit,
  • safety hook knife,
  • helmet,
  • personal floatation device (PFD),
  • impact vest,
  • board leash,
  • signalling devices,
  • buddy and GPS.

All these equipments ought to be put before kite surfing

Kitesurfing Spots

There are certain restricted areas where kitesurfing might prove dangerous and thus the rules and regulations ought to be followed before kite surfing to assure safety of riders. There are kite surfing rules for 2 or more rider’s sporting on same water body to assure enough clearance for their safety.

Kitesurfing Lessons

Kite Surfing in the World
Kite Surfing in the World

For beginners, it is advised to take help from an instructor as the sport has equal levels of excitement and danger. There several good kites for beginners and we cannot say who is the best.