Your Questions About Kiteboarding

Questions About Kiteboarding
Questions About Kiteboarding

What i need to be able to do before taking Kiteboarding lessons ?

I am starting Kiteboarding and was wondering what i need to be able to do before taking lessons. I use to snowboard does that help in any way? What could help me? Do i use some specific muscle group or something that i can train for?


In many situations, taking a basic lesson requires absolutely no previous knowledge or skill. Everything you need to know will be covered if you are taking the lesson from a reputable instructor. If you’re looking to book lessons, try Real Kiteboarding at Your board experience from snowboarding will serve you well when you start to ride, so you need to focus on developing kite skills. By putting those two together, you’ll be able to pick up the sport quickly. As for training, I’d recommend working on your core muscles and legs, specifically your abs and quads.

How much it costs how hard is it to do kiteboarding?

i Would like some info about kiteboarding. I dont know anyone that does it but it looks like alot of fun. i would like to know how much it costs and how hard is it to do. Thanks


Kiteboarding is also known as kitesurfing or “power kiting”. Power kites have lifted and pulled pilots recreationally for decades. Kiteboarding started off in the late ‘80s when some professional water skiers replaced their boats with wind power. Hawaii soon caught on and started using surfboards with kites in the early ‘90s.

It was only a few years later when the first official kiteboarding company appeared in 1998. And, in the mere years since, kiteboarding has become the world’s fastest growing water sport!


A full setup includes a harness, a kite, a kite bar and lines, a board, eventually a wetsuit and a helmet. Pilots use different kites for varying wind conditions. While used gear is available, you shouldn’t buy any before having received 4-5 days of instruction. Initial investments range for a used equipment starts from 600/700 euro, and then the wind is free!


From looking at it, you would never believe how EASY it is! It is easier than surfing, easier than skiing, easier than windsurfing. It is NOT physical (70% of the power is handled by the harness) so it is also perfect for kids. Women love this sport too!

When I learned Kitesurfing 7 years ago, it was really dangerous and we needed at least 5 DAYS to be able to stand on the board. Nowadays huge advances in kite and board technology have dramatically improved the learning curve, you could be riding after 5 HOURS (even if only for a few yards…).


That is the key point in this post: “don’t try it at home”. Kiteboarding can be dangerous and you MUST learn with a certified instructor during the first week. Find a certified shool in your area, or in your next holliday destination

Here under something about taking kite lessons:

  1. Demolish the Learning Curve. Sure you’re a wakeboarder/surfer/
    snowboarder/ballerina, but that doesn’t mean you can fly a kite. A good instructor will help you use what you’ve learned from other sports, drastically reducing the learning curve.
  2. Save Serious Coin. Lessons save time and money. Without the right-size kite, you will end up trashing your gear. Schools have many different sizes and styles of kites, so why not learn on and trash their gear instead?
  3. Guidance. Instructors know about all the latest gear and will share tips that would have taken you months to discover. Plus, most have been on the scene since day one, so they can also introduce you to all the local kiters.
  4. Protection. Not knowing what you’re doing flying a kite can put others in harm’s way and might even hurt you. Not to mention that injuring others is not a great way to impress the local kiters.
  5. Stress-Free Shopping. A good instructor will know the perfect kite and board for your weight, size and style, saving you hours of frustration. And they might even be able to cut you a deal on your first purchase.
  6. Plan for the Future. Once you complete a lesson and are up and riding, you’ll get all the info about where to kite, when the wind blows, where the good spots are and where to launch from.
  7. It’s Fun. Lessons get you outside in the water for a great, active day without the worrying about not knowing what to do, plus you get to become part of a culture that’s a lot of fun to be around.

Summary about Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding isn’t just a sport… It’s a passion and a way of life… It can forever change your life for the better. It can be done in nearly any location in the world, with nothing but wind and gear that can easily be packed down to the size of a golfing bag. You’ll meet the most incredible people, travel to beautiful locations and enjoy the healthiest of lifestyles.

How long does it take to learn kiteboarding?

How long does it take to learn kiteboarding? I want to take some classes during my vacation this year. Would a normal person (I have some surfing experience) be able to ride decently after 4-5 days ? Thanks


It varies, I’d say you should be able to pick it up after 2-3 days (if you have attitude have surfed before). Visit to find the kitesurfing lessons near you. They also have many other water sports and activities throughout the nation.

For kiteboarding can you use a wakeboard or do you need a kiteboard?


Beginner boards (long boards) are in the 150 cm to 180 cm range. Advanced or short boards are in the 110 cm – 136 cm range. If you are just starting out, you probably want a longer board. Personally, I don’t see why you couldn’t, it might just take some getting used to its responsiveness if you are just starting out. I would advise taking lessons if you haven’t done it before and get an adequate setup to make your riding and progression more enjoyable.

What is more fun, surfing or kiteboarding?

i am not asking which one is more fun in certain conditions. If the surf was great, and there was a strong wind would you rather go surfing or kiteboarding?


Kitesurfing, hands down.

Several serious safety issues have been resolved in the past couple years with kite surfing kites, with the invention of bow kites. Now, riders can fully de-power an out of control kite.

Both sports are dangerous, and can put you in situations where you are out of control. Be careful, and seek qualified instruction, beware of risks, and listen to that voice inside your head.

All in all you in most places, you can kite many, many more days than regular surfing.